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The following ministries help Epiphany maintain our sense of close-knit community that is really important to us and that helps us to welcome new members to the parish along with strengthening the on-going bonds of friendship.

Fellowship develops through many things we do at Epiphany from coffee hour to service projects. As we worship together, eat together, serve and work together, we become a family. And that church family is always there to nurture and support its members.

New Members

Welcoming established members and guests is a vital ministry, not just a task. There is a very significant spiritual aspect to welcoming others to the parish. A person often comes to church because they are seeking to fill a need in their life. We are all members of the Body of Christ in this world, and as such are the means by which others can experience the love of Christ. We want to cooperate with the work God is already doing.

Guests are always welcome to join us at our Sunday services or any type of gathering at Epiphany. We invite guests and new members to join us when they can, and promise to provide you with spiritual fulfillment and many new friends.

Food & Fellowship Ministry

Serving, supporting, and thanking our ministries within Epiphany. We like to say thank you by eating food together, such as, appreciation breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. We like to strolls for the soul, have potlucks, and try out new things together.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour (even if it is just a few minutes) is a perfect time to share a smile and a greeting by name. This is a great chance for a quick visit with those you know, or those you have not yet met. Coffee hour is held each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall after the 10 A.M. service. It may be hosted by a family, or two people who like to bake, or perhaps a Church School class.