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Congratulations! We are delighted that you are considering beginning your marriage at The Church of the Epiphany. We look forward to working with you. Many others work behind the scenes to make your wedding dreams a reality, but we will be your primary contacts. We hope this explanation of our roles is useful to you.

Our clergy – Our Rector is the Rev. Jimmie Sue Deppe. Our clergy officiate at most weddings at Epiphany. With permission you may have another Episcopal priest officiate at your wedding, or other ministers co-officiate. This should be discussed at your first meeting with our clergy. There is usually a meeting before the wedding to get to know you both, to discuss your plans for the ceremony, and to oversee your premarital counseling. The officiating priest will also conduct the wedding rehearsal and has the last word on all aspects of your marriage ceremony.

Wedding Hostess – The wedding hostess works to make your wedding happen the way you want it to. She will discuss various options with you and work behind the scenes to ensure your choices are implemented. She will coordinate on your behalf with the Altar Guild and Sexton to set up the church; attend the rehearsal to address your questions and requests (as well as ensure she has all the information she needs); and generally assist you, the wedding party, and your families in any way possible. The wedding hostess generally communicates with you via phone or email, but will gladly meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Our philosophy: At Epiphany, we understand that your wedding is a very personal expression of your faith and love. We will work with you to accommodate as many of your wishes as possible. Our guidance will help you make decisions that:

  • Respect the sacramental nature of the marriage ceremony,
  • Conform to the requirements of the Episcopal Church and the State of New York,
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of your wedding party and guests,
  • Preserve and protect the church buildings and grounds.

All decisions are made by you, the wedding couple, subject to approval by the priest officiating at your wedding and the parish office. As you consider each element of your wedding, we will discuss various options with you, including what has worked well for couples in the past. At the first meeting you will be given a handbook that contains a lot of information. We encourage you to review it at your convenience and refer to it throughout your planning.

Wedding service: The Episcopal service is the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage rite, an Alternative Rite.

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