3285 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY 14624
(585) 247-4190

Cameron Ministry Sunday Supper

Epiphany will be hosting the Sunday Supper at Cameron Ministry on Sunday, October 30th. We will be serving our usual dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and cupcakes for dessert. This will be Epiphany’s 5th year at Cameron. As usual, we are looking for donations of food and supplies and volunteers to cook, serve and clean-up the meal. The volunteer board is located in the main hallway at church. We will be preparing the meatloaf at church starting at 12:20 pm. The volunteers to help at Cameron will leave church at 2:30 pm and should be back to church by 6:30 pm. All teenagers and adults are welcome to help out. Thank you for considering this worthwhile service ministry.